Artificial heart in humans

What is an artificial heart?


An artificial heart is a bionic implant that replaces either the whole human heart, or one of its parts, or simply compliments it. With such a heart normal blood circulation is supported in human body, which allows a person to keep a normal lifestyle outside of a hospital. Artificial ventilation of the heart has been used in medicine for a long time, but only recently a reliable replacement for stationary devices has been discovered. Every year the idea of artificial human blood circulation is expanded and improved.

Artificial heart transplant

Artificial heart transplant is one of the most common alternatives to donor heart transplant. Considering the statistical fact that only one out of ten people in need of a transplant actually lives to receive one, artificial heart transplantation becomes one of the most topical and developing branches of modern cardiac surgery.


The most common replacement is not a whole heart, but an artificial ventricular, which is enough to help the patients in cases of heart failure. A large advantage of choosing the artificial heart is the price. Unlike the donor heart transplantation, an artificial heart costs several times less, depending on the number of heart chambers to be replaced.

An artificial heart is the alternative to donor heart transplant!

According to the leading heart surgeons, in less than ten years artificial hearts will be printed on 3D-printers from biological materials, which will resolve the problem of donor heart shortage.


Still, the problem can be solved by installing a left ventricular assist device “Sputnik”, developed to help people forget their symptoms of heart failure and lead a full active life.