Donor heart transplantation

For a long time, the transplantation of a donor heart has been the main method for treating the patients in cases of congenital heart defect or chronic heart failure, but even this method has a lot of problems of its own.


Artificial heart in humans

Artificial ventilation of the heart has beenused in medicine for a long time, but only recently a reliable replacement forstationary devices has been discovered. Every year the idea of artificial humanblood circulation is expanded and improved.


How does the heart transplantation happen?

Every year more than 3000 hearttransplant operations take place in more than 330 clinics around the world. Newmethods and solutions for treating the heart conditions arise constantly. Sohow does the heart transplant operation happen?


Symptoms of heart failure

Heart failure is a very dangerous conditionthat can lead to grave consequences. So it is very important to discover thecondition at its early stages.


What is heart failure?

Heart failure is one of the most common human heart diseases. In order to understand what it is and why it arises, we have to understand our heart first.


Heart Failure

Imagine: all your life the heart doesn’t stopworking, even for a second. And if it stops, your life stops with it. But youdon’t usually notice your heart at work until it starts to fail. Alcohol,smoking, diabetes, excess weight, stress – all of this can cause heartdiseases. People who had heart attack or heart surgery must know that there isa very high risk of heart failure in their cases.

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