This is a review paper-guide

This is a review paper-guide. We want to tell you more about Sputnik LVAD, heart transplantation and some problems in this field. These are main purposes to create this section of articles.
Topics will be complicated and controversial. We want to talk about not only practical terms – moral aspects are very important too.

The main purpose for LVAD transplantation is terminal stage of heart failure. Cardiomyopathy has different types and the causes. More information about the treatment of cardiomyopathy you can read in the articles: "Heart Failure - Symptoms" and "Heart failure - treatment."

You can get some information about LVAD transplantation here: Sputnik LVAD transplantation. List of the hospitals, we are cooperating with, is in the section “Cardiosurgical clinics”. In the article "Heart-lung devices" we’ll tell you more about analogues of Sputnik LVAD.

Next there will be a large section "Heart transplantation".  Artificial heart (LVAD) or donor heart - you have to decide what to choose for yourself. In any case, a heart transplant surgery more difficult and risky than installing of LVAD. Sputnik LVAD installing in some cases is an advantageous alternative to heart transplantation.

Is there life after a heart transplant? We’ll give some stories of our patients.

If you have any questions on the topic, if you are afraid or doubt - please contact us. We will post some articles with answers to frequently asked questions.

In section “Articles” there will be some publications for cardiologists and scientists.