Framework agreement with India

27-28th February, 2015 business delegation of Kovai Medical Center and Hospital (KMCH, India) visited OJSC ZITC. KMCH representatives expressed interest in acquiring the first Russian left ventricular assist device Sputnik (LVAD Sputnik) to implant to needy patients in regions of India and neighboring countries.
Members of the delegation visited Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Care in Moscow, in which operations for implanting LVAD Sputnik are carried out, met with the development team and surgeons performing operations for implanting LVAD Sputnik, as well as with one of the patients using LVAD Sputnik.
Following the negotiations between ZITC and KMCH in Zelenograd parties signed an agreement of partnership and cooperation in research and development activity, technical and clinical trials, manufacturing of medical products in the following promising areas:
- implantable medical systems;
- the system for maintenance of vital functions of the body;
- industry nanosystems and laser medical equipment;
- systems for intelligent diagnostics;
- systems of the neuromuscular stimulation.

The first implantation of LVAD Sputnik in India is planned for midsummer 2015.

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