Russian Federation’s science and technologies: decoding the chromosome, saving the heart

Speeding up the blood flow

Toreestablish the normal work of a human heart, cardiostimulators anddefibrillators are needed. But mechanical devices, for example, artificialblood-circulation machines, are just asimportant. These devices are meant to sustain life of the patients scheduledfor the heart transplant. But British scientists have discovered that suchdevices can also have a therapeutic effect, especially at a young age: theyhelp the heart to restore the normal work rhythm, so there is no need for atransplant.

Recently, thefirst Russian left ventricular assist device appeared on the market. Thedevelopers are: Federal State Budgetary Institution “Academician V.I.ShumakovFederal Research Center of Transplantology and Artificial Organs”, NationalResearch University of Electronic Technology “MIET”, and Zelenоgrad Innovationand Technology Centre. It is a scroll pump; an Archimedean spiral is used topump blood. The developers say that this device is three times cheaper than itsWestern analogues.

SergeiSelischev, dean of the biomedical chair, MIET, told us:

“Thepatient went through his first surgery last summer. Before the surgery he couldbarely lift his head from the pillow, but after the pump’s installation he hadfound his thirst for life again, and after three weeks he was already able tomow the grass. This March he had a heart transplant, and now, at age 68, theman leads a full life.”